Volunteer for emergency snow clearing

Help with emergency snow/ice clearance

This is a chance to help the community in which you live and work.  Winter can bring severe weather, including roads and public footways becoming blocked by snow and ice. The parish has a Winter Emergency Plan to address such situations, but we need to enlarge the group of people that can be called-on to help clear the residential roads and footways that won’t be treated by WSCC, so we are seeking additional volunteers help.

The general idea is when snow/ice creates a problem that looks to be lasting for some days, volunteers will be contacted by the parish and asked to meet at an identified time and location the following morning, and put in (typically) a couple of hours of work. This will obviously be subject to your availability and fitness at the time. Each group will have an identified supervisor who will have already assessed the conditions and will guide  volunteers on how to prioritise the work.

If you wish to volunteer then please download this Volunteer registration form.  Subject to noting what is involved and related guidance, please complete and return it either as an email attachment to: clerk@thakehampc.plus.com, or by dropping hard copy into the Parish Office postbox (at this location).


Thank you.

Owen Richards, Parish Clerk

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