Updating St Mary’s Thakeham

Around 40 people attended a meeting on 22nd July 2018 to discuss the project to update St Mary’s, Thakeham Church Building, seeking the best possible solutions in the context of today’s needs and aspirations for this treasured church building.  The meeting organisers report that key points arising were:


  • General support for the idea of a new extension with toilets, baby change facilities and a vestry. There was also support for enlarging the vestry slightly to allow it to be used as a multifunctional/meeting space.
  • Moving the bell ringers’ chamber to the mezzanine level was desirable, although some design issues with stair access remain to be resolved.
  • Agreeing the need to eliminate draughts and renew heating, electrics and PA.
  • Locating a kitchen area in the North Transept was not supported and alternatives need to be explored.
  • A consensus to retain the pulpit in its current position.

Next steps will be:

  • Modification of proposals in the light of feedback from the meeting.
  • Resolution of remaining design issues with new bell ringers area.
  • Review comments from the amenity bodies.

The project group will publish finalised proposals in due course.

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