Traffic Calming/Travel Proposals

Traffic calming and travel

It is clear that safer walking/cycling routes to Storrington and improved public transport are high amongst Thakeham residents’ priorities.  The Parish Council is working with WSCC and colleagues at Storrington & Sullington PC to develop a plan to improve pedestrian/cycling links between the villages, including improving safety arrangements around the Rydon and Water Lane roundabouts.

The parish is also working with WSCC and the Abingworth developer on a phased programme of traffic calming measures for the 30mph section of the B2139 in central Thakeham.  There is a need to take effective action to reduce traffic speed in the 30mph zone (where actual car speeds were found to average 40mph several years ago).  WSCC Highways now oppose the original proposal for raised speed tables but seem open to considering other approaches.  A two-phase approach has been agreed with the developer, aligned to the phases of house construction.

  • For Phase 1, steps will focus on the new northern road junction, upgraded arrangements at the existing crossing-point north of High Bar Lane, roundels and other road surface treatments and also SID signs (flashing speed indicators) at the north and south boundaries of the 30mph zone.  Abingworth Developments will liaise with Monaghan’s Mushrooms to include changes in this phase of works to entry/exit arrangements to discourage HGV travel from/to the north.  The parish is also liaising with Sussex Police on additional signage to reinforce the 30mph speed limit.
  • Linked to Phase 2, further traffic-calming measures will be developed based on updated traffic volume/speed data.  If the data is supportive this could include ‘priority’ calming, i.e. traffic entering the 30mph zone being forced to give way to traffic exiting.  There may also be a new crossing at the northern site junction, for a proposed extension of the new east-west bridleway through the site across to the west side of the B2139 (linking through to High Bar Lane near the play area).

In due course discussions will also be opened with bus companies towards improving the local service.  This section will be updated as these discussions move forward.