Thakeham Tiles redevelopment

April 2018 – Thakeham Tiles redevelopment proposals emerge

Thakeham Tiles Ltd., based at Rock Road, have begun the process of bringing-forward a planning proposal to relocate their business locally, and re-develop their existing site for housing.  Further information about their proposals is provided in the notice below, which is being circulated this week to residents of Thakeham parish and other postcodes around the current site.  A consultation event and exhibition on Wednesday 18 April 2018 was arranged to provide local people with the opportunity to view and comment on the emerging proposals.  Information linked to this event is available below.

The redevelopment of the Thakeham Tiles site has been long-signalled, and a specific policy in support of this (for ‘an appropriate number and type/size of dwellings’) is included (as Policy 2) in the Thakeham Neighbourhood Plan, endorsed by the community in March 2017.  Having said that, the PC has yet to consider the specific detail of these proposals, or formulate any comments.  Further information:

THAKEHAM Exhibition Boards 170418 Final Version