Thakeham PC responds to Abingworth Phase 3 proposals

At a well-attended public meeting on Monday 23rd September, Thakeham PC’s Neighbourhood Planning Committee agreed unanimously to strongly object to Abingworth Homes’ latest proposals to increase house numbers in the final phase 3 of the Abingworth Meadows development.  The proposal (DC/19/1707) involved raising house numbers in the phase 3 area to 77 units – an increase of 52 on the currently consented 25 houses in this phase.

The reasons why the PC has taken this position – with strong support from residents present at the meeting and commenting direct to HDC – are set out in detail in the formal response to Horsham District Planners which can be read below.  The Parish Council has counter-proposed that the number of houses in Phase 3 should be limited to a maximum of 35, including 35% (12) affordable units, along with a list of other amendments and community benefits sought.

The Parish Council is not itself a planning authority and its objections to this proposal will now go forward into Horsham District Council’s planning decision-making process.  We will keep residents updated with regard to further developments.

Owen Richards
Parish Clerk

DC-19-1707 Abingworth Phase 3 TPC response to HDC