Thakeham Parish Precept 2024/2025

Thakeham Parish Council depend on an annual payment known as the precept, provided by Horsham District Council. The precept represents the specific amount of council tax requested from the borough council, that the parish council believes it will need to spend on projects and the grounds maintenance of the parish.

For a typical home in Band D, this adds up to £63.57 per year or £1.22 per week. The 3.9% increase over last year is just under £2.50 which is similar to the cost of a cup of coffee at a coffee shop.

We understand that any increase in precept can impact on households, who are currently finding life difficult in this current economic climate, and we want to assure you that this modest increase was with careful consideration. As always, Thakeham Parish Council aims to maintain the lowest possible precept while maintaining and renewing our parish open spaces, play areas & others services.