Single Use Recycling Scheme at the Village Hall

Thakeham Village Hall is a collection point for the special recycling scheme run by Sussex Green Living for processing as part of their Single Use Recycling Scheme.  See below for the full list of items accepted.

How and when can I drop off recycling I’ve collected?

There is a single collection bin outside the front door of Thakeham Village Hall every weekday morning, 9.30-11.30.

What items are accepted?
  • Ballpoint pens, felt tips, biros, correction fluid, markers and highlighters.
  • Plastic milk bottle tops – 2, 02, 4 or 04 displayed on the lid.
  • Plastic air fresheners, cartridges and plastics air freshener packaging.
  • Inkjet cartridges – only HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung and Neopost.
  • Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, heads from electric/battery toothbrushes and all associated packaging.
  • Personal care & beauty products – plastic bottle caps, trigger heads, pumps, tubes, roll-on deodorants & flexible plastic wipe packaging.
  • Home cleaning products – plastic bottle caps, trigger heads, pumps & flexible plastic cleaning wipe packaging.
  • Laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, iPads – working or broken.
  • Mobile phones – working or broken.
  • Unwanted neck ties.
  • Flexible plastics from sweet biscuit, cake and cracker wrappers and crisp packets (clean and dry).

Please note that this scheme does not accept batteries (which can be recycled at WSCC recycling sites and shops that sell them).