Share Fair event 8 July, Horsham Park

Find below latest information from Sussex Green Living (whose founder, Carrie Cort, presented to our May 2018 Annual Parish Meeting).
Owen Richards
Parish Clerk

Share Fair is a pop-up social and collaborative community event, running under the umbrella of Sussex Green Living, with a pop-up Horsham Repair Café session. We are linking in this summer with Funday Sunday in Horsham Park (July 8th) .

At Share Fair, instead of buying new things, people share, swap or recycle stuff. And instead of feeling isolated, people meet each other to share skills, ideas and stories – like an old-fashioned market but with no money, creating social rather than monetary capital.  The key point is that Share Fairs are collaborative and everyone who has anything to do with the event is a contributor. The aim is to borrow as many resources as possible and invite people to donate materials, which keeps set up costs to a minimum.   We would like as many local people to be involved as possible, so let us know your ideas! We need all types of people and all types of skills, such as:

  • Creative design people to help us set up a comfortable, welcoming space for our activities.
  • Local businesses who would be willing to donate or lend resources, e.g. clothes rails, marquees, tables, bags, cushions
  • People willing to help with play and craft activities for children & families
  • Anyone who has a skill that they could share – could you teach someone how to dance, play an instrument, up-cycle an old pair of jeans, play chess, make an origami animal…….
  • Local residents from groups who could share a skill, such as local gardening groups who could run a seedling swap

There really is no limit to what can be brought to a Share Fair, within the basic guidelines – no money involved, nothing illegal or unsafe, and no political or other kind of agenda. Everyone is valuable and can contribute something, whether it is a practical skill or a conversation about their history. It is about celebrating who we are and what we have.  Please do e-mail with any questions, comments, suggestion: We look forward to hearing from you!

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