Safety audit of pinch points

The Parish Council full meeting of 15 October received this update report

  • Traffic calming: the safety audit site visit of 10 October had been informed in advance by a summary of cllr/resident comments. Subject to seeing the resulting report, indications of likely recommendations relating to the northern pinch-point included a possible additional build-out further north on the east carriageway, and improved sightlines and visibility of features in both directions.  The inspector seemed relatively satisfied with the southern pinch-point, but may recommend reinstatement of some of the road markings and additional road surface treatment in tandem with the new southern village gateway feature due to be installed soon on the north side of Jackets Hill.  Additional works can be done under the existing S278 agreement as a framework, but an extra northern build-out would require another neighbour consultation process.  The developer has asked for a list of works to be progressed quickly. The report will also recommend further collection of traffic speed/volume data to assess the impact of the scheme, although this will need to await completion of additional works.

The Parish planning meeting of 22 October received this further update:

  • In relation to traffic calming, the stage 3 safety audit report had been issued to the contractor and WSCC Highways and its  recommendations are apparently in line with the points reported to the last TPC meeting, but there would be a delay while parties digest the recommendations, before a confirmed summary of further works becomes available.