Roads Problems

WSCC Highways team are responsible for most roads-related issues, including problems with road condition, drainage, safety/speed limits etc.  It is helpful to copy the Parish Clerk into any problems you report, and we can seek to support you if you feel that you are not getting good service from WSCC.  Concerns about road safety that would require changes to speed limits do normally need to be raised via the parish council – and it helps to have as much evidence of the problem as possible.


To report emergency issues such as:

  • dangerous potholes
  • fallen trees that are blocking a road or pavement
  • any other obstruction or spillage blocking a road or pavement
  • drain/inspection covers that are missing.

Phone 01243 642105

Non-emergency problems

To report problems such as: potholes, road flooding, overgrown vegetation and damaged pavements, use this link: