Rights of Way improvements

The Parish Council is aware of various needs for improvement to right-of-way (RoW) routes through the parish, and their accessibility and condition.  The main focus of these developments is currently in the central area of the parish, around (and largely financed by) the Abingworth Meadows development.  Thanks for continuing to bear with the occasional glitch while all this goes forward – it will be good when it’s done!

Abingworth Rights of Way improvements

The RoW routes due to be delivered in this area, according to the consents relating to phase 2 of the scheme, are set out in the map below.

The main feature is that walkers, cyclists and equestrians are due to benefit from a major new east-west bridleway route through central Thakeham.  The eastern section will link Strawberry Lane to the B2139 through the new development.  This will be continued by a further western section that crosses the B2139 and then runs along the north bank of the stream (south of the Monaghans site) before rejoining High Bar Lane next to the existing playground.  This will allow safer crossing of the B2139 and benefit both residents in the Linfield Copse area and through-travellers along the existing bridleway to West Chiltington.

The surface of Strawberry Lane is also due to be improved where necessary.   As the map shows, there will be other new permissive paths (shown in orange) and the surfaces of existing footpaths will be brought up to WSCC-set standards.

In relation to the recently-created path north of the Abingworth cricket pitch (not coloured above),  the situation isn’t simple because the status of this path remains permissive only, with its future dedication as a right of way provisional on resolving some other minor route amendments linked to the Abingworth rights of way scheme. In the meantime, there is no obligation on the landowner to control the vegetation, which we are aware has become overgrown.  However, after consulting,  the landowner, has  kindly agreed to mow this path periodically on a temporary basis (pending outcomes emerging on points above). The PC will continue work to facilitate a good long-term arrangement.

Link to West Chiltington

Work in August/September 2019 (which was jointly funded by the Parish Council and WSCC Rights of Way Team) has brought the surface of the eastern end of bridleway 3676 up to a good standard.  We are very conscious that upgrade is still needed for the section of the bridleway that runs beside the wood between the recent resurfaced eastern end, and the older hardcore surface at the west end.  We don’t yet have a timeline for this.  Although Thakeham PC agrees it is a high priority, WSCC PRoW team don’t view the condition of this section as particularly bad (relative to most other bridleways), and can’t offer further financial contribution.  Also, this section is within West Chiltington PC boundary, as Thakeham PC ends at the eastern edge of the woods, so we are exploring possible cooperation and joint funding with West Chiltington PC.  We will update residents on progress with this as soon as possible.

Safe walking/cycling route from central Thakeham to Rock Road Schools

The 2017 move of Thakeham Primary School to the Rock Road site, combined with the fact that the B2139 is extremely dangerous for cyclists, underlined the urgency of creating a new route for children living in central Thakeham to be able to get to and from the Rock Road site on foot, or by cycling, if they and their parents so choose.  Within the constraints of limited funding the best solution that the PC and WSCC Rights of Way team could identify is set out in the map below.  By autumn 2019 most works have been completed to upgrade the surface of Strawberry Lane and the element still to be put in place is the new footway on the east side of the B2139, which currently looks like being delivered by the start of 2020.  Meantime, WSCC Highways have implemented signage works to extend the 40mph speed limit on the B2139 to include the section from the Merrywood Lane junction northwards over Jackets Hill, to meet the 30mph zone starting by Abingworth Hall. This was originally going to involve an additional vehicle-activated speed limit sign, but WSCC have now decided against this.