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You can find information and links to report a manner of things here including;

Problems with roads and pavements, including potholes
Rights of Way
Planning Breaches
Fly Tipping
Anti-social driving
Crime or suspicious activity



Problems with Roads and Pavements

You can report problems with roads, including potholes directly to West Sussex County Council.
In an emergency, such as those listed below, phone 01243 642105

  • dangerous potholes
  • fallen trees that are blocking a road or pavement
  • any other obstruction or spillage blocking a road or pavement
  • drain/inspection covers that are missing.

You can find more information relating to travel, parking and highway maintenance at

You may find it helpful to make the Clerk aware of any problems you may have reported as the Parish Council will seek to support you if you feel the problem has not been rectified in a satisfactory manner. Concerns about road safety that would require changes to speed limits do normally need to be raised via the parish council – and it helps to have as much evidence of the problem as possible.
You can contact the Clerk by email at:

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Problem with Rights of Way

Public rights of way include footpaths, bridlepaths, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. You can report any problems with public rights of way online directly to West Sussex County Council. These could include a bridge with missing deck planks, broken stiles, fallen trees, damaged or missing signs.

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Planning Breaches

The failure to obtain planning permission or comply with the details of a permission is commonly known as a ‘planning breach’. You can report any planning breaches directly to Horsham District Council.

A planning breach usually occurs when:

  • A development that requires planning permission is undertaken without the permission being granted – either because the planning application was refused or was never applied for
  • A development that has been given permission subject to conditions breaks one or more of those conditions.
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Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. Dumped materials can be anything between a single bin-bag of rubbish to large quantities of waste emptied by trucks.

If you see anyone Fly Tipping you can report it directly to Horsham District Council.

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Anti-social Driving

You can report anti-social driving, and abandoned vehicles anonymously to Sussex Police via their Operation Crackdown. Anti-social driving is driving that is careless, deliberately aggressive or dangerous.

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Crime or suspicious activity

Sussex Police have updated the way you can contact them, you can find more information, including online contact forms here.

Our local Policing Team is based in Horsham. You can find all of their contact information at:

In an emergency you should always dial 999.
For non emergencies you can phone: 101

You can now report something to them online at:
or, you can tell them if you’ve seen anything suspicious or if it’s something you think they should know about at: