Recent Resurfacing Work

Recent resurfacing work (jointly funded by the Parish Council and WSCC Rights of Way Team) has brought the surface of the eastern end of bridleway 3676 up to a good standard. We are very conscious that upgrade is still needed for the section of the bridleway that runs beside the wood between the recent resurfaced eastern end, and the older hardcore surface at the west end.
We don’t yet have a timeline for this. Although Thakeham PC agrees it is a high priority, WSCC PRoW team don’t view the condition of this section as particularly bad (relative to most other bridleways), and can’t offer further financial contribution. Also, this section is outside the Thakeham PC boundary, with ends at the east side of the woods, so we are exploring possible cooperation and joint funding with West Chiltington PC. We will update residents on progress with this as soon as possible.