Rampion Windfarm Project – Future Consultation

Rampion 2 is a proposed expansion of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm located in the English Channel off the Sussex coast. The offshore area of search being reviewed for development of the new wind farm is adjacent to Rampion.

The Rampion 2 project design works are ongoing. Proposals are being developed so that consent for development may be sought in late 2021.

You will note the nearest that the green zone nearest to Thakeham is Sullington Warren/A24 Washington roundabout area due to proposed cable routing options all run south of there.  That leaves Thakeham (PC and residents) in a ‘wider area’ of consultation.  Residents will be able to give input but not as directly ‘impacted’.   Some Parish Councils may be able to apply for Rampion funding for future energy-related projects, however this will only become clear in 2023 (assuming the project gets a go-ahead).   Anyone seeking further info about the project can visit:

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We will keep our Parish Council Residents updated as the consultation is rolled out from July onwards.