Proposed Permanent Traffic Order

May be an image of map and text that says "KEY TQ123NES Limit TQ1223NWS 8X Proposed 40mph Speed Existing 60mph peed Limit TQ1123SEN TQ1223SWN TQ1223SEN TQ1123SES TQ1223SWS BILLINGSHURST ROAD TQ1223SES TQ1222NWN COOLHAM 1Q1222NEN TQ1122NES LHA TQ1222NWS TQ1222NES TQ1122SEN TQ1222SWN TQ1222SEN TQ1122SES TQ1222SWS TQ1222SES HORSHAM DISTRICT: SHIPLEY COOLHAM PROPOSED SPEED LIMITS (23.01.2024) HOR2307" Sussex County Council proposes to introduce a permanent Order under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to introduce:-

  1. A 20mph speed limit on lengths of the A272, B2139 and Brooks Green Road in the centre of the Coolham village settlement; and
  2. A 30mph speed limit on a section of the B2139 Coolham Road south of the 20mph and on the A272 Billingshurst Road west of the 20mph; and
  3. A 40mph speed limit on a section of Brooks Green Road north of the 20mph and on the A272 Cowfold Road east of the 20mph.
Full details of the proposal can be found on the West Sussex County Council website or by using this link:
If you wish to express support or raise an objection about any part of the proposal please e-mail, or write to TRO Team, West Sussex County Council, The Grange, Tower Street, Chichester, PO19 1RH quoting reference TRO/HOR2307/RC
Please note the statutory consultation period ends on 29 February 2024 and any comments you wish to make should be received before this date.