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Code of Conduct

All councillors are subject to the Parish’s Code of Conduct and each councillor completes a Declaration of Interest form (current forms are viewable here). If you have any concerns please contact the Clerk via email.

Council Policy Documents

Parish Budget/Precept agreed for 2021/22

In January 2021 members agreed that the Parish Council’s budget is now set at the right general level to address reasonable community needs and expectations, adjusted for the advent of the new community facilities at Abingworth, and staffing needs.  Therefore the 2021/22 budget seeks only to absorb cost increases, whilst maintaining a static net precept level for residents.  The following cost pressures require a modest increase to the TPC core budget:

  • Employment costs: add £1.32K to allow for national cost of living pay deal;
  • Audit costs: add £500 to allow for external audit charge increases;
  • Professional fees: add £800 in case of need for legal and professional planning support in 2021/22

The net budget increase, factoring in some savings, is that these proposals involve a gross budget increase of £1.74K (2.7%).  After allowing for the forecast outturn for the current financial year, and a further 2.8% increase in council tax-paying residents (‘tax base’), the resulting budget produces zero change to the net precept payable by residents, i.e. an unchanged £58.02 for a Band D property.

This precept zero increase places Thakeham in the bottom quartile for 2021/22 precept increases in the District, and continues to set a level of precept that is well below the District median (£67.17) and average (£70.30) levels.

Financial Transparency

ANNUAL ACCOUNTS -To view a copy of the latest summary annual accounts please click here

CURRENT ASSETS REGISTER – click to see the current Assets Register Policy and Assets Register table

Having considered the guidance of the Local Government Transparency Code (2014) in the context of this parish, Council has decided to publish the following information on an annual basis:

– Expenditure: individual items of expenditure exceeding £500; cumulative payments to single payees exceeding £500; and grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations;

– Information on any contract tendering with a value of over £5,000;

– Details of land and buildings assets held by the Council.

Follow the links below to find this information for recent years:


The dates for the Exercise of Public Rights to inspect the unaudited accounting statements of the Parish Council for 2020/21 have been published and links to the document and unaudited accounting statements can be found in the table below.  The Annual Internal Audit Report can be found here

YearExercise of
Public Rights
Notice of
Conclusion of Audit
Annual Governance & Accountability Return
2020/20213 June – 14 July 2021Audit conclusion notice 27 Sept 2021Sections 1 + 2Section 3

Copies of this and previous Annual Return documentation can be obtained from the Clerk.