Policies & Finance

Code of Conduct

All councillors are subject to the parish’s Code of Conduct and each councillor completes a Declaration of Interest form, copies of which are published below:

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Council Policy Documents

Parish Budget/Precept position for 2017/18

The Parish’s financial planning for 2017/18 and has needed to factor in two key issues: Firstly, the expected delivery of the main new Abingworth community assets over the next 12-15 months, which requires the parish to gear up for the responsibilities of owning the new Village Hall, Pre-School building and sports facilities. Secondly and over the same period, we also need to fund major renewal of equipment in the High Bar Lane playground. Although we are continuing to hold routine items down, the exceptional costs of opening the new parish office in the Village Hall, helping our partner user groups to move into the new facilities, and putting funds aside for new play equipment means that our 2017/18 budget will rise by 9%. This equates to the parish precept element of Council Tax bills rising by about £7 for a Band D household. We are very aware that such increases are not ideal, but we would ask residents to bear in mind that Thakeham has hitherto managed on one of the lowest precepts in the district. So a rise to a point near to the district average for similar-sized parishes (which is what this amounts to) is not unreasonable as we move to being able to offer a full set of modern facilities to our residents

Further detail on the figures relating to the 2017/18 budget and precept:

  • The total PC budget is  increasing by 9.4% (from £46,580 to £50,961).
  • The total precept requirement will rise by 20% (from £37,615 to £45,211).  In percentage terms this is greater than the total budget rise rise because there is little capacity for reserves to smooth the impact of rising costs, and also HDC have this year withdrawn of 80% of Council Tax grant income.
  • The net precept increase for a Band D household is 16% (£44.03 –> £51.22, i.e. £7.19). This is slightly lower than the gross precept increase, due to an improved tax base figure – which reflects numbers of residents.

The PC will seek to minimise further precept increases, but this will significantly depend on what emerges in terms of permanent new costs involved in running the Abingworth facilities.  The aim will be to make these facilities financially self-sustaining as quickly as possible.

Financial Transparency

ANNUAL ACCOUNTS -To view a copy of the latest annual accounts please click here

Having considered the guidance of the Local Government Transparency Code (2014) in the context of this parish, Council has decided to publish the following information on an annual basis:

– Expenditure: individual items of expenditure exceeding £500; cumulative payments to single payees exceeding £500; and grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations;

– Information on any contract tendering with a value of over £5,000;

– Details of land and buildings assets held by the Council.



2016-17 Annual Return

Notice is hereby given that the audit of accounts of the Council for the year ended 31st March 2017 has been concluded.  The results are being published via parish noticeboard, and this website, from 7 August to 7 September 2017. To see a copy of the governance and accounting statements, the external auditor’s certificate and opinion, the notice of conclusion of audit and details of entitlement to inspect the original annual return – click here.

Copies of this and previous Annual Return documentation can be obtained from the Clerk.