Planning Enforcement

The Enforcement Context

In dealing with the regular flow of planning matters in the parish, the Parish Council often faces frustration relating to enforcement action around breaches of planning permission.  Some landowners disregard due process to press ahead with works without permission, and ignore enforcement notices, regardless of the rights of others. The PC monitors and does all it can to resist these cases, but the mechanisms available to support us (in the legal system, and at District Council level) are unfortunately slow and limited: the current planning framework is frankly vulnerable to determined and well-funded manipulation. However, within our non-political and constrained role, the PC will continue working closely with Horsham District Council to control this chronic problem as much as possible, and appreciates the support of our residents in this work.

If you are aware of a planning breach please report it to HDC Planning Compliance Team and copy to us c/o

Current main enforcement cases in the parish as at February 2018



Details + Enforcement refs.

Current position

Falconers Farm, Coolham Rd. RH20 2LH


Creation of new field entrances for farm shop (refused); no approval for animal pen structures or mobile home on site. HDC refs. DC/11/0300 / EN/10/0476Oct 17: HDC Compliance are issuing new enforcement notices for: (a) removal of mobile home (b) cease trading and remove farm shop (c) restore land to original condition.
Dukes Copse 

Refusal of retrospective change of land use and siting of mobile home.

Compliance order issued 2 Sep 16 (EN/14/0511), August 17: appeal lodged seeking extension of deadline. Appeal outcome; revised deadline of 11 June 2018.

Compliance Team to periodically revisit the Dukes Copse/Bramblefield area to review structures, and whether anyone is living in caravans etc.

Land near Martins, The Street, Thakeham4m wide access trench appeared 15 January 2017.  Works are clearly out of scale to reason initially given (utility connection) and clearly intended to be for vehicle access, at a very dangerous location. Enforcement notice ref. EN/17/0008July 17 enforcement notice issued [EN/17/0008] referencing road safety and damage to local landscape character.  Deadline for response: 11/8; Restoration required by: 11/9.

Sept 17: appeal submitted.