New Year wishes & updates

This is to wish all Thakeham residents a Happy New Year, and update you on a couple of things.

Closure of The Street 8-11 January

The Street will be closed for up to four days next week, for Openreach works described as ‘clearance of duct blockages and lay duct to facilitate spine cabling works’.  In terms of exact location,we understand that they will be focusing on the north-western part of The Street near the Glebe Field, ‘above’ the White Lion.  How this affects particular residents will obviously  depend on exact location of trench works in the period above, but for residents to the south-east of the point of closure it may unfortunately be necessary to divert around via Crays Lane. (We are asking the contractors if they can provide temporary steel plates over trenches for resident access in the evenings, but don’t yet have any undertaking on this.)

Sussex Policing consultation – would you pay more?

A reminder that you have until Friday 5 January to take part in the consultation for the 2018/19 Sussex Police Precept.  As part of the consultation process that develops the police budget, Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, is currently asking residents if they would be prepared to pay more per household for Sussex Police through an increase in the precept. Your views and the needs of Sussex Police will be taken into consideration early in the New Year when the PCC makes a decision.

You can take part in the precept consultation here: .

Owen Richards
Parish Clerk

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