New Recycling Collection Point

A new bin is now located in Thakeham Village Hall for recyclable items that can’t go in with your normal household recycling.

Accepted items include:

  • toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes
  • plastic milk bottle tops
  • ballpoint pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers
  • health/beauty bottle trigger heads, pumps, tubes,
  • …and more!

Scroll down to view the full list!

The bin contents will go to Sussex Green Living for processing as part of their Single Use Recycling Scheme.

TN-Sussex-Greener-Recycling-List-2019 - edited

During an initial introductory period drop off times will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30-11:30am.
Additionally while the hall is in use the door can be opened with a provided code but it is kindly requested that users of the hall are not interrupted during their session in order to open the door.