New Allotments

This is a reminder that the Abingworth development will finally bring allotments to the parish.  Around twenty residents have already registered an interest in becoming plotholders, but there is capacity for more to join, as there will be plots of various sizes, suitable for different levels of time-availability and physical capacity.  An overview of the expected layout of the allotment area can be seen below.  The Parish Council expects that the site will be managed by a new Allotment Society, to be set up nearer to the time of delivery of the allotment site.  That timing currently remains uncertain, as it is linked to house completions within the second phase of the Abingworth project, but will hopefully be in 2018.  To register interest in a plot, contact the Clerk (

Abingworth Allotments layout December 2016

Download (Word doc): Abingworth Allotments layout December 2016