New Abingworth attenuation pond (swale)

Anyone who walks around the Abingworth development will have noticed recent works to create an additonal floodwater attenuation pond (swale) at the eastern boundary of the site – see map. The initial main works are complete and the developer is due to re-seed the banks with grass and install a warning sign and emergency flotation ring on the bank. Further landscaping and drainage amends will be made during spring 2021. This new feature should, in time, help to resolve some chronic flooding issues with the adjacent footpath, and will enrich the environment in this the area. However, the swale will also contain a considerable depth of water during the winter in particular and it is important that it is treated with the same care and respect for risks that you would bring to any deep-water feature in the countryside. It is not a playground, and particularly during the period when the banks are bare soil, it could be hazardous. If you have children who like to roam in this area, please make them aware of this. Thanks.

Map of Abingworth development showing new eastern swale area

Owen Richards
Parish Clerk