Monaghan’s Access Improvements

These works are now expected to begin in March, and as an early warning there will be likely be temporary traffic lights in place for at least some of the timeframe.
Monaghans have been very proactive with trying to remedy the problems caused by some HGVs and sent a letter to their hauliers (click here to see the letter) to comply with routing of trucks from the south only.

The works will narrow the entrance and build-out the kerb lines to prevent HGVs entering and leaving the site to/from the north.  This should reduce numbers of HGVs using the dangerously narrow and banked section of the B2139 to the north over Dukes Hill.  Other HGVs not connected to Monaghan’s will unfortunately still be able to use this route, but we are continuing to try to persuade WSCC Highways to review local HGV routing to prevent this