Memorial to ‘The Sisters’

(A message from Cllr Christine Hounslow)

Eileen Davis and Doreen Thompson, were affectionately known in the community as “The Sisters”.  Eileen died 18 months ago, and Doreen died earlier this year. They lived together in Little House, Furze Common road.

As many of you in this Parish will know, together they devoted some 40 years in service to the community. They were totally selfless and wanted no thanks for their kindness.
Eileen drove the community mini bus for 15 years, and Doreen went along to help the passengers on and off the bus. Eileen stopped driving that bus in her late 70’s but Doreen carried on as support on the bus, until she was 81.

Together they worked for the Meals on Wheels service well into their 80’s , not only delivering lunches, but going back in the afternoon to those residents who lived alone, taking homemade cakes or scones, and fruit and vegetable picked from their own garden, and sitting with them for a while providing company and comfort. Eileen drove patients to hospital for their appointments – travelling to Worthing, Haywards Heath and Brighton. She also took residents to their own doctor’s surgery when they were unable to get there on their own. If anyone needed help or comfort they were there.

They were very proactive at every Village Day and every Flower Festival – making cakes, serving on the tea and cake stall, and selling their home grown flowers, fruit and vegetables.  They spent 11 years collecting the equivalent of 1 mile in 5p pieces, and raised a considerable amount toward roof repairs for our Church.

They were members of Thakeham Gardeners Club for 38 years, and were on the tea rota, had a stand at the Plant Sales, and assisted with the Flower Show.  They were always seen in the garden at Little House, on the corner of Furze Common Road, and always spent time to talk to all the children that passed on their way home from school.

To acknowledge their service to the Thakeham community I am setting up a fund to pay for a memorial bench, as a permanent reminder of these remarkable ladies.  Location to be agreed but probably towards the south of the new Abingworth estate, near Little House.

If anyone is interested in making a contribution please contact me on 01798 815993, or email Until permissions etc. are granted please do not send money, but make a pledge, to be collected later. Any monies left over after installing the bench will be sent to the sisters’ favourite charity – St Barnabas.

Cllr Christine Hounslow

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