Traffic calming, Halloween Event & more!

Traffic Calming: Phase 2 revised ‘pinch point’ scheme now available for comment

We have now finally received the revised/refined proposal for the Abingworth Phase 2  ‘pinch point’-based traffic calming scheme, which you can see and download below.  The PC will be reviewing this scheme at its Neighbourhood Planning Committee meeting of Monday 23 October (6.30pm, Village Hall).  The feedback that we give to the consultants who have produced the scheme will influence the detail of what is then formally submitted to WSCC Highways for approval.  We want this submission to be made by the end of November, to allow sufficient time for Highways to consider/approve and for the developer to schedule the work for Spring 2018.  Given the long history of resident concerns and the terrible fatal accident in March 2017, the PC is seeking widest possible community comments on the new scheme.  You can give your input either by attending the meeting above, or using the Comments form at the bottom of this post by close of Friday 27 October.  The PC’s planning group will take on board all comments received by then.

Abingworth 30mph zone phase 2 traffic calming proposals (revised).

a) Background and commentary on the proposals [Download]

b) Scheme drawing  Click below to view the plan; before downloading, be aware that this is a large document and a complex one – reading the detail may require you to enlarge the image in your viewer.  

Halloween Fireworks event

In case you havn’t already seen the banners and posters, there will be a free community Halloween Fireworks event on Tuesday 31 October – 6.00-7.30pm, at the Abingworth Football Ground.  As well as the main firework display, which will be at 7.15, there will be fun stalls, food and drink.

The timing of the firework display aims to give young ones enough time to do the local ‘trick or treat’ rounds before coming to see the show.  To help the children get properly into character, there will also be FREE face painting offered in the Village Hall from 4pm (NOT 3.30 as mentioned in previous Facebook post – to allow the Pre-School to clear up after their afternoon session).

Although the event is free to attend, there will be opportunities to make donations to our designated charity for this event, which is Chestnut Tree House – Children’s Hospice;  to make a donation online, follow this link.

If you need to come by car, please be aware that parking is very limited, so please use Monaghan’s car park across the Storrington Road.  There will be parking marshalling.

Dog fouling – new waste bin at Abingworth fields

The good news for dog owners in central Thakeham is that we have installed a new dog waste bin at the Abingworth football fields.  This area is understandably very popular for dog-walking but unfortunately a minority of owners are not clearing up after their dogs.  As the football fields are now in regular use by adult and youth clubs, it is essential that everyone gets into ‘bagging and binning’.

As well as the dedicated bins, dog waste can be disposed of in public litter or you can take the waste home and dispose of it in your general refuse bin.  So, please don’t leave home without a supply of poo bags and don’t let your dog wander off and do its business unattended. As this is one of the main causes of resident complaints, the Parish Council is now working closely with Horsham District Council, who are expanding their enforcement operation, including on-the-spot fixed penalty notices of £80.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Local Crime Update

Residents unfortunately need to be aware that Thakeham and surrounding rural areas seem to be increasingly targeted by opportunist thieves and burglary teams.  In the latest incident, on 15 October, the High Bar Lane/Linfield Copse area was targeted, with thefts from 6 cars.  Please ensure that all vehicles are locked and do not leave valuables in them.  Similarly, if you have tools/equipment in sheds or outbuildings, do take steps to properly secure them.  If you need to report a crime or incident to Sussex Police, call 101 or use the report form at   You may also want to bookmark this link to up-to-date local crime information.
Please also be aware of the increasing incidence of attempted scams of various kinds.  An unpleasant recent case has involved locals being targeted by telephone scammers claiming to be from HMRC, trying to intimidate people into revealing banking details with bogus threats of legal action.  Please don’t be conned by this kind of scam.  If you receive such an approach, you can call the national Action Fraud team on 0300 123 2040 or use the online fraud reporting tool at

40 Replies to “Traffic calming, Halloween Event & more!”

  1. Hi. I note in the plan 7152-SK-001-C that another drawing is referenced with details of the proposed modifications to accommodate school bus. Please could you also publish this (and any other relevant drawings)?
    Many thanks.
    Richard King

  2. Great news regarding the traffic calming. As a concerned local with children that catch the bus there and regular dog walker I constantly see speeding drivers. I believe a speed camera would offer a better or even additional solution and also bring money back to the traffic scheme. The 30mph or better still 20mph needs to be implanted before the bend on the manor hill. People who aren’t locals speed down the hill to great a 30mph at the pond which doesn’t give these mad drivers chance to slow for the bus stop area which is where Ellie’s accident happened. My son and friends of Ellies’ witnessed this, & the accident has still not stopped drivers speeding including locals! Again please change speed limit before the other side of hill!

  3. I fully support the new scheme, had it been in place then Ellie may still be with us. We have to make the drivers slow down on this road and give our kids chance of getting to school safely. If it becomes an issue for the lorries, then good as they shouldnt use this road as they drice too fast and are too wide. I only wish this could be implemented before Christmas 2017.

  4. Dear Council

    As Ellie’s mother I have no objection to these improvements, the traffic needs to be slowed down asap.

    The Coroner will be writing a letter of concern to WSCC, regarding that stretch of road and has requested that the outstanding traffic calming measures are addressed and expedited. She said we cannot wait for another child death or injury. She also said in priniciple there is a willingness for the developer to do the work. It just needs the will of others now to expedite it.

    Kind regards

  5. Regarding the Traffic Calming Scheme. Why is the speed limit remaining at 30 mph??? Surely it would calm traffic more effectively if a 20 mph limit was imposed alongside the pinch points. Going at 30 mph through the pinch points would surely in itself be dangerous with potential for kerb mountings etc

    So whilst I fully support the traffic calming, which is long overdue, can I suggest you consider applying a 20 mph zone directly outside the residential areas of Abingworth , Furze and High Bar.

  6. While I fully agree with the need for traffic calming in Abingworth I am not convinced about the need and very concerned over the proposed siting of the middle narrowing as it is immediately prior to / after a rise in the road which limits visibilty of oncoming traffic.
    In addition this is also adjacent to a shared driveway of four properties: Brinkwells, King-Fishers, Clayes Cottage & Corner Cottage.
    I therefore do not feel that this middle narrowing is an appropriate or safety component of this endeavour.

  7. The scheme is generally positive in its aim to reduce speed through this part of the village. However, one of the main concerns has been the approach from Storrington over Jackett’s Hill where the speed limit is persistently and dangerously exceeded by many motorists. This does not seem to have been addressed adequately in this proposal. As currently proposed the national speed limit only ends at the 30mph signage which is within metres of first, the bus stop and then the first pinch point. It is suggested that a 40mph limit should be in place over Jackett’s Hill, to further slow traffic, and perhaps another narrowing point (as that by Woodlands Close) nearer Abingworth Hall Hotel.

  8. Re the traffic calming. Why can’t the area have the speed down to 20mph as is The Street. Also where the Bus Stop is there should be a Layby,so the School Bus and local Bus pull in making it safer for traffic as well as users of the Bus. This would slow traffic without an increase of exhaust fumes that l feel the pinch point would do. Plus would probably cost less to put in place.

  9. The traffic calming proposal looks fit for purpose and I very much hope that it receives the necessary approvals as soon as possible.
    I am slightly concerned that the drawings are difficult to view on a domestic pc.
    Any chance of a simplified version – with road names?

  10. The traffic calming proposal looks fit for purpose and I very much hope that it receives the necessary approvals as soon as possible. This is long overdue in my opinion and needs to be in place quickly to avoid any more tragedies. Is 30mph slow enough though in a stretch of road that is used by school children???

  11. I agree with others that the speed limit needs to be 20mph along the road from Woodlands Walk until Jackets Hill towards Storrington. Plus as much safety stuff done as possible. This all needs to be done as soon as possible, not in stages. There are children of all ages walking along and crossing this road more than once a day, all year round. It is especially dangerous in the autumn/winter with reduced light and visibility for cars and pedestrians. There are two school bus stops and general use bus stops, families walking to and from the new community facilities, dog walkers, pre-school children crossing for the Thakeham preschool. Thakeham toddler group walking to and from weekly, community activities in the village hall, seasonal activities in the village hall, church attendees walking to and from church and the village hall. There also should be more than ‘Road narrowing’, the road should come right in on both sides like in Bramber and there definitely needs to be a pedestrian crossing for the bus stops.

  12. I think the idea of “pinch points” will bring a new set of dangers to the road. In my view, the 30mph zone should be extended to the highest point on both hills north and south of the village. A 20mph section covering the area on the low ground, where the school buses stop and, covered by flashing speed signs operated during times of peak school activity should be in place. The addition of a light controlled crossing should also be included.
    (I’m a resident of Storrington, not Thakeham, but regularly use this section of road.)

  13. I am in huge support that more need to be done with regards to traffic calming in Thakeham and feel this is an urgent matter which should be given a top priority

  14. The speed that traffic come over Jackets Hill from Storrington is frightening. A 30mph speed limit sound be imposed from the Thakeham village sign on the south side of Jackets Hill reducing to 20mph at Abingworth Hall with a pinch point there.

  15. I welcome the traffic calming ideas and proprosals in Thakeham.The new building works, new preschool and sports and shop facilities, means that we will be a village divided by a busy and dangerous road. However yet again i feel the council, builders and highway agency have only considered how drivers, use this road, and not considered or taken into account how children use the road. I would welcome a further reduction in the speed to 20mph past the residential properties in the thakeham/abingsworth areas. Keeping the traffic at 30mph will not improve any patient outcome should we have another pedestrian RTA. I believe the speed over jackets hill coming into the village should be reduced, so the 30mph is well before entering the village than at the foot of the hill just before the bus stop. My biggest concern are the pinch points. Whilst i agree they would slow the traffic down, I believe they cause confusion. Drivers may know who will give way but children will be confused. They are more likely to use the pinch point as a crossing point… ie shorter distance to cross for them, leading them into a false sense of security crossing the road. No one appears to be taking THE children into consideration as users of this road. Please don’t confuse them even more. Safe pesestration crossing is paramount. How about consideration for Zebra crossings or traffic lights.
    At the inquest into Ellie’s death, there was a lack of formal risk assessment to a temporary bus stop and crossing particulary in the view of the main users and checks done at times in the day least likely to used by children… Please don’t let this happen again. Please risk assess these pinch points from the childrens point of view… bring down the speed to 20pmh. As our little village as been forced into development,more and more families and children will be using this road as pedestrians. Drivers must slow down, and we must mke road crossing safer for the community.

  16. I don’t like the idea of pinch points – I think it will encourage drivers who don’t care to have a “get there first” attitude. I think a proper, full-blown pedestrian crossing and a 20mph limit from the mushroom factory to Abingworth Hall would be good and a speed camera thrown in!

  17. I agree that this traffic calming MUST be done sooner rather than delayed any more. I also must agree that the speed limit should be reduced to 30 MPH before Jackets Hill, where the village sign is, then down to 20 MPH through where it currently goes down to 30mph. I do agree with the narrowing of the roads whilst a good idea, I am concerned that children may not fully understand where they are supposed to cross, or who has right of way, and which direction the cars/lorries will be coming from. PLEASE consider what else can make the children safe. The speed must be slowed down further as the children cross so near to Abingworth Hotel, drivers simply can not see when speeding.
    As an adult crossing the road at the end of High Bar Lane, making my way along the footpath towards the path to the village pub, it scares me when the cars speed from the other direction seeming to speed up rather than slow down. That pedestrian crossing point at the end of High Bar Lane, is not visible to traffic coming from the direction of the mushroom farm.

  18. I really hope this traffic calming proposal receives all necessary approvals and is in place ASAP. Way long overdue! I think they should also think of main pedestrian users of the road – children – and introduce safe light crossings or zebra crossings.

  19. I’m glad that there is something being done about traffic speeds but I think a camera and pedestrian crossings would be safer than narrowing of the road, which can be more dangerous if opportunists try to squeeze through.

  20. Please put in place these measures. It is so important to ensure people’s safety. I travel through this area frequently and have seen the speeds reached. I lived in Amberley and have similar concerns but after 13 years nothing has been done. Please ensure these measures are implemented to protect the people living in Thakeham.

  21. Totally supportive of any traffic calming measures that are put in place to prevent another terrible tragedy happening again in our community.

  22. I fully the support the need to implement a traffic calming system in Thakeham. It is inevitable with new housing, that the volume of pedestrians, children in particular, will increase and be in danger of speeding vehicles whilst crossing the road. Sadly drivers are not following speed restrictions and it is questionable that the speed limit is low enough. We have lost a dear child this year. Please don’t let there be more.

  23. I agree with others that the speed limit needs to be brought lower before Jackets Hill, at the moment it is far too close to the bus stop and places where villagers cross. I also think that the risk assessment needs to be done with the pedestrians – particularly the children – in mind. As someone else has said, is there a dange that the children will misunderstand the pinch points?

  24. I completely agree with the traffic calming suggestions. I feel as do a lot of other parents in the area, that the speed limit should be slowed to 20mph.

  25. This section of road is very dangerous as cars and lorries go too fast.a reduced speed limit on its own is not going to work as who is going to impose it? The pinch point, or possibly more than one will work,similar to Amering village. The biggest problem is getting the traffic to slow down on Jacketts Hill and Dukes hill. Why are these national speed limits in the first place, they should be 40. How about rumble strips on the rood surface on the downward sweep of the hills?
    Anything that slows the traffic and makes it more safe for everyone in our beautiful rural community should be considered.

  26. I fully Support the traffic calming suggestions for the road. The highest level of precautions must be taken Now. We must protect the Children and all other local residents.

  27. I fully support any traffic calming proposals for this road, its vital no time is wasted and that work starts as soon as possible, there are lots of useful additional suggestions in the comments above, lower speed limits are a must but as mentioned by others, drivers ignore speed limits so the road must be changed so speeding is stopped, a bus layby and proper crossing is surely imperative considering the tragedy suffered this year I hope action is taken urgently

  28. We welcome the traffic calming measures, but would like to see a 20mph limit between the bottom of Jackets Hill and the Mushroom factory. The road is still used as a way of avoiding the A24, and it should be made as unattractive an option as possible to people who use it as a “rat run”. We live very close to the tragic accident site, which also saw another car crash into a telephone pole and bus shelter a few weeks before.

    The most effective way of managing the risk is to lower the speed limit further to 20mph in addition to the pinch points and proposed scheme.

  29. I have read the latest traffic calming report and I would like to make a few points.
    whilst the crossing at the end of High Bar Lane is slightly better the visibility is still extremely poor, you have to lean out a long way to see that it is safe to cross. There needs to be a much better crossing here as many people (hopefully) will be crossing there to the shop, new village hall and also potentially children for the sporting facilities.
    The crossing at Abingworth most definitely will need lights, you are expecting many children from Thakeham to attend the lovely new nursery building and presumably promote walking to nursery. It will be too dangerous for mums/dads to cross here with toddlers and buggies without traffic lights.
    The speed of the cars through the village still remains a big problem. People do not stick to the limit, hopefully the flashing ’30’ sign might help this but I feel it should be monitored and the speed limit decreased to 20mph.

    I do not have school bus stop age children as yet, however I was pleased to read that this was also being looked into although even if the route is sent around the new estate, children from Linfield Copse/Furze Common will still need to cross the road to get to this bus stop.

  30. It may well be seen by some, as out of order for someone, who does not live in the Thakeham area, to comment on the proposed traffic calming scheme.
    However, having lost a beautiful, intelligent Grandaughter due to possible reluctance, by those in authority, to implement appropriate safety measures. I feel, this qualifies me to comment in some small way.
    Obviously, this must be the last avoidable tragedy on this stretch of road. How to achieve this safer road, not just for the children, but for all who live and visit Thakeham, is a matter for local people to debate.
    Please, please, do not wait a moment longer to get a scheme in place, after all one awful incident is already one too many.

  31. Whilst any proposal to reduce the speed on this streach of road is welcome , I do believe that any part of this road that approaches an area used by School Children should be 20 mph. I also think that a pedestrian crossing should be put in place to allow the children to cross this road safely.
    Ellie was a very much loved step Granddaughter and I should hate another tragedy to occur on this road and another family be left without a beloved child.
    We do not live in Thakeham but visit often and the speed of the traffic is much to fast and we have always thought the area approaching the pond especially dangerous on wet days. This traffic calming cannot happen soon enough.

  32. Whilst any proposal to reduce the speed on this streach of road is welcome , I do believe that any part of this road that approaches an area used by School Children should be 20 mph. I also think that a pedestrian crossing should be put in place to allow the children to cross this road safely.
    Ellie was a very much loved step Granddaughter and I should hate another tragedy to occur on this road and another family be left without a beloved child.
    We do not live in Thakeham but visit often and the speed of the traffic is much to fast and we have always thought the area approaching the pond especially dangerous on wet days. This traffic calming cannot happen soon enough.

  33. I do not live in Thakeham, but have grandchildren who do and frequently drive the road to and from Storrington. I am in total agreement with the suggestion to extend the 30mph limit over Jackets Hill and reduce the speed through the centre of the village to 20mph.

  34. We’re pleased to hear that long overdue plans are afoot. Having looked at the proposals, we hope this is helpful:
    1) Restricting speed is the principal issue – simple signs and pretty pleases are totally ineffective; as regular users of that road for many years we can assure you that a small minority obey the speed limit but most completely ignore it even when they see children walking along the narrow pavement. Traffic must be forced, not asked to slow down well before they get to the section of road where the bus stop is located and before the northern entrance to the new housing estate. The scheme drawing on the calming proposal seems to indicate that traffic is being forced to slow down just before and just after the bus stops. Traffic needs to be forced to slow down before the bus stop when coming from the Storrington direction (where cars are coming down the hill out from the dark overhang of trees on Jackets Hill) and before the entrance to the new housing estate when coming from the Coolham direction. Now that the sports field is finished and once the shop is built, children will not only be crossing the road to get to the bus stop, they will also be crossing further up to get to the shop and recreation ground.
    2) School bus – the scheme drawing indicates that the access road is being modified to accommodate the school bus. It is not clear if this means that the bus will be able to pull off the road completely. At present, children get off the bus and then walk behind it to cross the road while the bus is still there – extremely dangerous.
    3) Drainage – the proposals make no mention of solving the drainage problem where the bus stop is located – after heavy rain, water and mud collects to form an enormous puddle or, in winter, an ice rink right next to where the children stand. As well as Ellie’s tragic accident, my son has been present at two other accidents whilst standing at the bus stop when cars have skidded on the ice and spun off the road.

  35. I fully support the new scheme as traffic needs to be slowed down through our village, the sooner the better. I do agree with others who have mentioned that the 30mph limit needs to be in place coming from Storrington before you go over Jackets Hill and it should then be reduced to a 20mph limit in the area where the bus stops are and the children are having to cross the road. I also agree with others that the pinch points will cause confusion for the children crossing. They will think this is a good, safe place to cross. It would be safer if the children had traffic lights they could use so the traffic is actually stopped for them, to enable them to cross.

  36. I fully support the traffic calming measures. Do we need another tradegy before the council does something about this?

    The pinch points need to reduce the speed, therefore stopping the temptation for motorists to stop using this as a ‘rat run’. If it is held up by local companies because it prevents heavy goods vehicles being able to go down there then their morale judgement should be brought into questioned.

    Are profits more important than the lives of the local community?


  37. I feel a calming of the traffic in this area will be a positive contribution to the safety of local community

  38. All proposals for reducing speed through Thakeham must be implemented ASAP., not next spring. We do not want to lose another beautiful child.
    A 30mph limit must be put in place before driving up over Jackets Hill. A large sign with a Yellow background would be most visible. I heartily agree that a 20mph speed limit through the Main Street should be put in place from Abingworth Hall. I agree that pinch points will confuse children crosssing the road, and traffic lights would be by far the safest option.
    Why cannot bright coloured road speed signs be purchased off the internet and placed in prominent positions? They are on telegraph poles in Storrington and West. Chiltington.
    I have witnessed excessive speeding in Thakeham and with all the extra houses being built, and more children to get to school, I think safety should be paramount. We must always remember Ellie.

  39. I totally agree thus issue needs to be addressed ASAP! In my view traffic needs to be physically made to slow down by way of speed bumps. Just reducing the speed limit alone will not make people slow down as the same people who continue to ignore the 30mph speed limit will continue to ignore a 20mph speed limit. Why don’t we have a speed camera!!! And a crossing is surely essential. I continue to be dismayed on a daily basis at people speeding through this area (including parents from the schools!) where is their respect for Ellie and her family. Something needs to be done now!!

  40. Southwater has got pinch points and whilst they may reduce one problem they introduce another one when motorists tailgate into the path of on-coming vehicles. (i.e. They bring little or no net benefit in road safety.)
    About a mile away, Sullington has a Gatso (speed camera) attempting to enforce its 30 MPH limit, so why should Thakeham not have at least the same?
    After years of inaction, the Highways Authority might be unwilling to be railroaded into a blanket 20 MPH limit in Thakeham, but the village has a good case to demand:
    1. Extending the 30MPH limit in Thakeham from before Jackets Hill to approx 300 metres after The Street,
    2. Placing a pedestrian crossing, controlled by traffic signals at both ends of the main (settled) central road section in Thakeham,
    3. Getting a Gatso camera installed between the two pedestrian crossings,
    4. Getting the Highways Authority to install a “YOUR SPEED IS…” signal before the pedestrian crossings.

    And if WSCC don’t like it, get the BBC down one morning and block the road. It’s such a shame that local councils only see the point after a tragedy.

    To all Ellie’s friends and relations – I am so sorry for your loss.