Further safety audit visit

A further safety audit site visit was undertaken on 21 March 2019 by a team comprising: representatives from Road Safety Initiatives LLP (independent specialists, appointed by the developer), WSCC Highways and Sussex Traffic Police.  The PC Clerk attended in an observing capacity and this report is based on the Clerk’s understanding of what the audit report is likely to recommend (although it is likely to be some time before a formal doc emerges and the developer, who is responsible for the works, responds).
1. Southerly build-out: this feature is considered to be functioning effectively & safely.
2. Visibility from Abingworth Crescent north jct: is now considered to be satisfactory.
3. Northern build-out feature
The specialists concluded that although the way this feature is working is certainly well short of ideal, it meets threshold safety criteria and on balance it can stay in place subject to the developer agreeing & achieving these further steps:
3.1 measures directed at northbound traffic
a)  further improvement of northbound visibility by removing part of the close-boarded fence line behind the Massey Close properties nearest the pinch point.  This is actually a double row of close-boarding to create a walkway for garden/bin access, and it is considered feasible to remove the outer line of fence (replacing with post + rail) without affecting the householders’ amenity.  This could appreciably improve the sightline.
b) an extra SLOW road marking for northbound vehicles approaching the build-out;
c) additional culverted drainage to allow floodwater to escape into the stream by the build-out;
3.2 measures directed at southbound traffic
d)  decluttering of existing signage around the start of the 30mph zone (several redundant signs to be removed and bus stop sign adjusted to not obscure the VAR sign);
e)  adjusting the VAR sign range/aim so that it measures and signals speeds over 30 at a point closer to the village gateway features – it is currently flashing too early.
Failing agreement and delivery of all steps under (3), the fallback will be reconsidering moving this northern build-out 40-50m northwards (which side of the road would be considered further if necessary).
4. Measuring impact of works
The report will strongly advise that re-collection of traffic speed/volume data is necessary, to enable assessment of impact of the installed calming measures, against data from 2017.
Further developments will be published here as soon as available.