Council Meetings

2020 meetings

COVID-19 – The Parish Council has agreed these adjustments to meeting arrangements in the current ‘lockdown’ situation:

These meetings will be held ‘virtually’.  This means that meetings will be held remotely (via Google Meet) under arrangements set out in special statutory arrangements currently enacted for Meetings up to 7 May 2021. Further information can be found here.

These meetings have been cancelled.

Public Involvement: Members of the public are able to ‘attend’ the live virtual meeting by emailing the Clerk to request an email link. Such requests must be received by no later than noon on the last working day before the meeting (e.g. for a Monday meeting, by noon on the preceding working Friday).

Arrangements beyond this period remain under review.
Parish Council20th 19:3017th 19:3016th 19:3020th 18:3018th 19:3015th 19:3020th 19:3017th 19:3021st 19:3019th 19:3016th
21st 19:30
Neighbourhood Planning27th 18:3024th 18:3023rd 18:3027th 19:3027th 18:3022nd 18:3027th 18:3017th 18:3028th 18:3026th 18:3023rd
21st 18:15
Environment20th 18:1527th 18:157th 19:0019th 18:15
Community Working Group29th 19:306th
Annual Parish Meeting20th 19:30

greyboxThese Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning meetings, although scheduled, are not normally expected to be needed and will only take place if urgent business requires it.

  • All meetings will take place in Thakeham Village Hall unless otherwise noted.
  • Meetings may be cancelled for lack of business, in which case notice of cancellation will be given to Councillors and to the public by notification on the parish website at least 4 days in advance (i.e. cancellation of Monday meetings to be posted by 5.30pm the previous Wednesday).

Please note: regulations on access to local government meetings (Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014) give members of the public a right to film/record the meetings of Parish Councils. By attending a meeting of the Parish Council, members of the public are consenting to being filmed/recorded by other members of the public, if such activity is taking place.