Bellway Homes Neighbour Update – Spring 2024

Some of you may be receiving communications from a developer called Bellway Homes which are advising you of the progress that they are making with the development know as Abingworth Nurseries, Phase 3.

Within the literature, the developers are giving residents an idea of when things may be completed or handed over to the Parish Council.

We would like to stress that these are goals that the company has set itself and do not necessarily translate into actual dates that we will be in receipt of assets. There will be a specific hand-over requirement when the Parish – in conjunction with the Local Planning Authority – will asses the assets, and this may involve adding time to the process as both sides analyse what has been produced, before the legal teams belonging to both sides will effect the transfer. This process alone could take an additional couple of months.

The Parish monitors the situation regularly and is in discussions with the developers regarding the delivery of community assets and we will let you know when we have clear definitive dates that are achievable.