Bellway Consultation on New Development at Ex-Monaghan Mushroom Site

Dear Residents,

Initial Consultation from Bellway Homes on a new development at the Ex-Monaghan Mushroom site, titled Thakeham Mushroom Farm.

Towards the end of last week and over the weekend, the owner of the Ex-Monagahan site on Storrington Road, should have delivered a consultation flyer and comment card to every residence in Thakeham.

From the literature provided, they are requesting feedback from the community on a possible future redevelopment of the site where they are looking to deliver “a high-quality sustainable mixed-use residential led development”.

They “have drafted a scheme which includes around 400 new homes, including affordable properties and a local centre, with space for a shop or commercial space”.

The period for this consultation will finish on the 11th December 2023.

Thakeham Parish Council would like to stress that the plans and content of this consultation has been designed and undertaken by Bellway Homes and is one of many stages in the Planning process.

Residents responding to the proposals.

In response to this early stage consultation, Thakeham Parish Council would like to emphasise to our residents that they should consider the following;

  • Individuals need to respond.

We recognize that many of our parishioners might have similar talking points and will discuss this with their friends and neighbors, but it is very important to the process that individuals reply and so they shouldn’t skip replying because they know others have.

  • When you are replying, please review the full document.

Consider providing some thoughts on how it might impact your lives as a resident in either a positive or negative manner.

This can be anything from infrastructure like roads, schools, shops and doctors through to the environmental impacts.

The most useful thing to do at this stage is to articulate these hopes or concerns as writing a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer will not have the same impact.

  • Having your say is just as important as a collective response from the council.

Actual, personalised parishioner feedback from this survey has to be shared with the Local Planning Authority. So, if you have any strong views on specific topics, now is your first opportunity to raise them with Bellway and with Horsham District Council (HDC). The results of the survey will be part of any potential planning application made to HDC in the future and will be listed online – so you yourselves, can request a copy and view the outcomes.

If you haven’t received a physical letter through the post

If you haven’t received a letter through the post but are in the parish and want to review the plans and provide your feedback on the consultation, Bellway have set up the following website and feedback forms that you can use:

• Storrington Road Engagement –
• Feedback Survey –

The information supplied on this feedback form is being collected by Consult Communications Ltd regarding proposals for the development of this site. Your details will not be passed to any third party or used for any other purposes other than in relation to the planning application.
The data from this form will be stored and disposed of securely as required by and in accordance with Data Protection and UKGDPR.

Thakeham Parish Council’s response to the proposals.

The Council will be responding to the proposals, and in order to comply with our statutory obligations, we will be holding an extra-ordinary meeting of the council to consider the views of our Councillors and our residents and how best to formulate our official response.

We intend to hold the meeting in the Main Thakeham Village Hall on the 5th December, at a later start time of 8 pm (after our Neighbourhood Planning Meeting), to accommodate residents who are interested in attending and have to journey home from work, or make other arrangements.

The meeting will be open to all. However, comments and questions from the public present during the meeting, will be limited to 2 minutes per resident.

If you are unable to make it, and have a comment or question – as well as reminding you to complete the consultation response card – you can send these through via email to Andrew the Clerk of the Council at

These comments and questions will not be answered directly, but will be forwarded on to the Councillors, so they can look at addressing them collectively during the meeting.

The Council will formulate a response to send in to both Bellway and HDC and we will post this response on our website and noticeboards for residents to view.

The Council would like residents to note, that the response will be to the consultation and not a fully developed planning response. At this stage, the consultation is an idea in principle and may be subject to change (in considering consultation responses) in the future, prior to any formal planning application coming forward.

Should any formal application be submitted, the Council will be advertising this to our residents, then deciding on our consultation response, following our regular legal duties in the planning process.