Another successful Village Tidy

Job well done!

Last Saturday morning’s Village Tidy was blessed with fine weather, and a high turnout of 30 volunteers collected a very large quantity of rubbish from the verges of our main roads.  Virtually the entire length of the B2139 from Rydon to Coolham was covered, as well as the side-roads in central Thakeham.  Even HDC waste officers were impressed – saying it was one of the biggest collections that they have seen from similar events.

Our youngest helper: Louis, age 7

Taking part in a clean-up of this kind brings home the fact that there is unfortunately a sizeable minority of people who obviously think it is ok to foul the environment by dumping litter out of moving vehicles.   There are some policy moves afoot to strengthen the hands of local authorities (e.g. follow this link) but in rural areas the difficulties are around policing, so we have to continue with raising awareness (particularly with young people) and applying peer pressure where possible.

Thanks to everyone who took part for all their hard work, and we hope to see you back again (with new friends!) at next Spring’s event.

Owen Richards
Parish Clerk

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