Allotments Design

The Parish Council is aware of longstanding demand from residents for an allotment area in central Thakeham, and provision for this has been secured via the Abingworth development.  The design for what is due to be provided, which reflects steers from Horsham District Council’s Leisure Services department, can be seen and downloaded below.  This design offers over 30 plots of varying sizes, including half plots and raised-bed areas suitable for the less mobile.

Under current legal agreements, ownership the allotment area along with other Abingworth community assets is due to be handed over from the developer to HDC in the first instance.  However, the Parish Council has formally asked HDC to transfer all the Abingworth assets  to PC control, and signals on this are positive.

The timing of delivery of these allotments unfortunately remains uncertain, because the spur road that they will be accessed from lies within the final (phase 3) zone of house building, and we don’t yet have a clear timeline for this phase.  Probably sometime in 2020-21 is all we can currently say.  However, before then the PC will take steps to set up a new Thakeham Allotment Society to prepare to take over the management of this area.

Allotment area specification  (as approved by HDC)

Abingworth Allotments layout December 2016


Location of allotments within the Abingworth development

Allotments site location