Allotments Update September 2021

The Parish Council has recently reviewed the proposed design of the long-awaited Abingworth allotment area, including consulting with prospective plot-holders.  The results of this have been shared with the developers of Abingworth Phase 3 housing (Bellway Homes), with a view to agreeing, and getting HDC planning consent, for the finalised design.

We have also carefully considered a proposal from Bellway Homes to amend timing arrangements for the delivery of the allotments, to address the problem that vehicle access to the allotments is not going to be possible in the first stage of phase 3 house-building (and launching the allotments with pedestrian-only access would be very challenging).  We have provisionally agreed a new timing arrangement, for the allotments to be delivered, complete and with full vehicle access, mid-way through the phase 3 construction period.  Taking into account the anticipated pace of house-building, we now expect this to mean that the allotments will be delivered by late autumn 2022.

As a result of the review of the plot layout we are also happy to announce we now have a few spare plots available. Please contact the clerk if you are interested and wish to be added to the list.