Access trench near jct The Street/B2139

This is to clarify for residents the situation relating to the sudden appearance of an access trench in the steep bank near where The Street joins the B2139.   Last Wednesday workmen with a digger began creating a substantial trench through the sunken bank as you enter The Street from the B2139. Work has continued since then. There is no planning permission for these works, nor was any notice given. HDC Planning Compliance team and WSCC Highways were immediately made aware and have visited the site.  The HDC Compliance team has confirmed that the works should not have been initiated, and they are in the process of issuing a stop/reinstatement notice. Highways have also noted the situation and are considering appropriate steps. The Parish Council is very concerned about all aspects of these works, including the safety risks, impact on the Conservation Area and general disregard for the planning process, and we are pressing relevant agencies to take early and effective action.

Owen Richards, Parish Clerk