Abingworth Shop update

Residents may be interested to read a statement issued by Mr Bryant in relation to the village shop.

“At the 24 June meeting of Thakeham Parish Council Planning Committee I addressed the meeting in order to bring the local community up to date on the likely timing of completion of the Village Shop Building . This was in light of discussions being held on social media and the fact that Abingworth Homes were stating in their Phase 3 Public Consultation that work would be completed “in the next couple of months “.

I pointed out that I am as frustrated as anybody about the delay in delivering a sustainable village shop. My company has had to pursue Abingworth Homes/Oakford to get them to deliver a building in accordance with the Build Agreement between us. Abingworth Homes have acknowledged their failure to deliver but have not agreed to remedy the failure in a manner and to a specification acceptable to my professional team. Out of frustration I have had no choice but to inform Abingworth Homes that I intend to refer the matter to Dispute Resolution by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. As a result of this delay and the ongoing dispute it is not realistic to believe that this will be resolved in the short term and it is now unlikely that the building will be completed before next spring. It is extremely disappointing for me and, I am sure, the local community that matters are taking so long to resolve with Abingworth Homes and Oakford Homes.

As made clear during the planning process, prospective tenants are lined up for both the shop and veterinary surgery areas of the building, and those tenants remain committed, notwithstanding the delayed timeline.

Tim Bryant
Director “