Abingworth Shop Update

19 November 2018 – update on Abingworth Shop developments

The owner of the Abingworth shop building, Mr Tim Bryant, has provided the Parish Council with this update on the situation:

Abingworth Developments have determined the Build Agreement with Abingworth Homes, due to the fact that their sub-contractor, Oakford Homes, had failed to complete the building in accordance with the contract by the Longstop Date of 1st September. We are now embarking on assessing exactly what is required and talking with Abingworth Homes, who are cooperating in order that their contractual obligations are fulfilled.

At the same time we are working with a view to submitting a  planning application for the ground floor of the building which is intended to accommodate a new veterinary surgery and the new Village store and café. Both of these units are under offer and the tenants are looking forward to opening as soon as possible, hopefully in or around July next year.

We will also be submitting proposed changes to the roof construction of part of the roof adjacent to the Village Hall

and football pitches, together with an application for change of use of this part of the first floor which is presently identified as office and storage, to provide a further (i.e. a second) 2 bedroom flat.

This application should be made within the next 10 days. When HDC refer this for public comment, we will attend the relevant Thakeham Parish Council planning group meeting to present this application, and will provide fuller information about the tenants at that time. In the meantime residents may see that there will be ongoing remedial work at the shop property, particularly to the roof, although the exact extent of this work is still under discussion.