Abingworth Phase 3 changes delayed to February

Until early January the Parish Council had been led to understand that revised proposals for Abingworth Phase 3 would be available for comment in January, prior to decision making by Horsham District Council (HDC) Development Committee in February. However, this has been delayed by several weeks due to further iteration of proposals between the developer and HDC planners.  The PC now expects to see amended proposals during February prior to HDC considering the case in mid-March.  But this remains to be confirmed.

The amended application still seems likely to be for 75-units, only a modest variation of the 77-unit scheme that the PC strongly objected to last September.  If approved by HDC, it represents an increase of 50 units on the current approved plan to build 25 units in this final phase of the project.  We will publish further updates as soon as possible.