Abingworth Phase 3 planning update

Following the Parish Council’s strong objection to DC/19/1707 (the 77-unit proposal which came forward in September 2019) the developer has since submitted another application DC/19/2267, which will be considered at the PC’s 25 November 2019 Planning Committee meeting.  This new application DC/19/2267 is submitted as a ‘minor amendment’ of the original Phase 3 consent for 25 houses, as the only change it involves is reducing the size of the 8 largest houses.   It is important to appreciate that this new application is in parallel with and does not supersede the 77-unit application DC/19/1707: both applications are going forward separately for HDC to consider.   The DC/19/1707 proposal remains the developer’s preferred option.  We understand that the developer is ongoing dialogue with HDC planners on the detail of this application (particularly to respond to the PC’s objections), and this may well lead to a re-consultation on some detailed changes.  However, we are not currently led to expect that this will include significant movement on the number of houses proposed, which was the core reason for the PC’s strong objection

Meantime, at least in part to hedge against the possibility of HDC eventually refusing DC/19/1707, it is in the developer’s interest to seek two alternate updated approvals for the same site area, hence the new application. The only change to the original Phase 3 consent that DC/19/2267 seeks is to replace the 8 largest hard-to-sell ‘mansions’ with same number of smaller 4 & 5-bed houses, with no other change to house numbers or plots (or other features including workshops etc.).  In that context, the scope of the PC’s consideration of DC/19/2267 is limited to whether there is anything objectionable about the changes proposed to these 8 houses.  The PC is not invited to comment on any aspects of the original scheme that are not changing.  Likewise, HDC are not seeking the PC’s view on whether it has a preference for either application. Both proposals will continue to be processed separately through the planning process by HDC: we could end up with both being approved, or neither.  We will continue to update the community on this process as it develops.

Owen Richards
Parish Clerk