Abingworth Amended House Numbers

Abingworth Phase 2 review – application to amend house numbers/mix now submitted.  
Following consultation processes outlined below, Abingworth Homes have now applied to HDC DC/16/2835 to amend the part of the existing development permission relating to 51 bungalow-style units designated for the over-55s.  In essence, the proposal would increase house numbers to 62 units in total and remove the over-55s condition.  The revised mix would be: 29 x 3-bed and 33 x 4-bed ‘family sized dwellings’. Of these, 40 would be 2 storey dwellings and 22 bungalow style. This would include 4 further affordable units, to be delivered as 2 x 3-bed semi-detached units. The proposed road layout has been adjusted, and there is also provision for a flat above the village shop.  The Parish Council’s response to this proposal was decided at its Planning meeting of 23rd January 2017, and can be read here.