Safe walking/cycling route from central Thakeham to Rock Road Schools

The 2017 move of Thakeham Primary School to the Rock Road site, combined with the fact that the B2139 is extremely dangerous for cyclists, underlined the urgency of creating a new route for children living in central Thakeham to be able to get to and from the Rock Road site on foot, or by cycling, if they and their parents so choose. Within the constraints of limited funding the best solution that the PC and WSCC Rights of Way team could identify is set out in the map below. By autumn 2019 most works have been completed to upgrade the surface of Strawberry Lane and the element still to be put in place is the new footway on the east side of the B2139, which currently looks like being delivered in early 2020. Meantime, WSCC Highways have implemented signage works to extend the 40mph speed limit on the B2139 to include the section from the Merrywood Lane junction northwards over Jackets Hill, to meet the 30mph zone starting by Abingworth Hall. This was originally going to involve an additional vehicle-activated speed limit sign, but WSCC have now decided against this.

Useful as these improvements are in themselves, the Parish Council recognises that they do not really address the need for an all-weather and reasonably direct walking and cycling route from central Thakeham to Storrington. Work on additional options is in hand and will be published as soon as possible.