25 New Houses proposed at Rushfields Nursery

Residents are asked to note that the formal application for development of this site on High Bar Lane has now been submitted. Full papers are available via the HDC planning portal link below.
The PC will consider and agree its response to this application at its virtual Neighbourhood Planning Committee meeting on 25th January (18.30pm). Details of how to request access to join this meeting can be found here. If you have strong views on these proposals, please bear in mind that the PC is just a consultee, and HDC will decide the case, so it is important to make representations direct to HDC.
PCs are required to approach all planning cases in an open-minded way, and to be cautious about dialogue on the merits of proposals prior to formal meetings. However, the Parish Council’s spring 2020 response to the HDC draft Local Plan contains its currently agreed general views on further housing in the parish, and the site in question. See pp.5-7 in particular.