Names and contact information for current members of Thakeham Parish Councillors, District and County Councillors

CouncillorContact detailsCommittees
Mrs Sarah Friend Community Wkg Grp
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee
Mrs Christine HounslowThyme, 57 Furze Common Road, Thakeham, RH20 3EG Tel: 01798 815993
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee, Environment Committee, Finance & Legal Wkg Group
Mr Alan Hunt
Casuarina, The Street, Thakeham, RH20 3EP
Chairman of Parish Council, ex-officio member of all sub-committees, WSALC
Ms Caroline Instance
Sproutes, Sproutes Lane, Coolham, RH13 8QH Tel: 01403 741369
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee, Community Wkg Grp, HALC, WSALC
Mr Edwin Linnell32 Furze Common Road RH20 3EG, Tel: 01798 812151
Finance & Legal Working Group
Mr Dave MacEachern 28 Furze Common Road, Thakeham, RH20 3EG Tel: 01798 815722
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee
CLC, Environment Committee
Ms Fiona McConnachie Holmwood, The Street, Thakeham, RH20 3EP Tel: 01798 815176
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee
Environment Committee
Mr Norman Prince3 Town House Cottages, Coolham Road, Thakeham, RH20 3EW Tel: 01798 813064
HALC, Environment Committee
Tree Warden, Footpath Warden
Mr Dick Scott Kerr Lavender Cottage, Thakeham Road, Storrington, RH20 3NW Tel: 01903 297020
Environment Committee
Community Wkg Grp
Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mr Paul Skelding11 Pavilion Crescent,
Abingworth Meadows,
Thakeham, RH20 3EJ
Community Wkg Grp
Mr Roger TaylorFran Cottage, The Street, Thakeham, RH20 3EP Tel: 01798 815969
Neighbourhood Planning Cttee
Community Wkg Grp
District Councillors
Mr John BlackallOak Meadow, Haglands Lane, West Chiltington, RH20 2QR, Tel: 01798 812432
Mr Philip CircusFox Hill, Westward Lane, West Chiltington RH20 2PA, Tel: 01798 812719
Mr David JenkinsCadrona, Hampers Lane, Storrington RH20 3EX, Tel: 01903 743671
County Councillor
Mrs Patricia ArculusFoxfield Cottage, Foxfields, West Chiltington RH20 2JQ, Tel: 01798 813258